INIA executes its research activities through the Deputy Directorate General for Research and Technology (SGIT) which includes the different research departments and specialized centers: the Forest Research Centre (CIFOR), the Animal Health Research Centre (CISA) and the Plant Genetic Resources Centre (CRF). 


Forest Research Centre (CIFOR) 
[Foto de un bosque]
The Forest Research Centre (CIFOR) executes an important part of forest research in our country, in line with the guidelines of the Spanish Forest Strategy and European and global organizations and forums, especially from Latin America. Its objective is to provide society, through the various government bodies and interested production sectors, with the scientific knowledge and services required for productive and sustainable management of our forest resources.


Animal Health Research Centre (CISA)

[Foto del traje de entrada en zona de alta seguridad del CISA]The Animal Health Research Centre (CISA) is a high biosafety facility, catalogued as Singular Scientific-Technical Facility (ICTS) in Spain. Its complex facilities, equipped with the latest technological advances allow executing research with high-risk infectious agents. It’s a World Reference Centre of the International Office of Epizootics (ISRO) and FAO reference center for the EU. Its work on the development and standardization of methodologies for diagnostics of a large number of compulsory declaration diseases and transnational impact is internationally recognized.

Plant Genetic Resources Centre (CRF)

[Foto de diferentes semillas de legumbres del CRF]The Plant Genetic Resources Centre (CRF) is a gene bank whose mission is to contribute to international efforts to prevent the loss of genetic diversity of Plant Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture (PGRFA). It preserves varieties and ecotypes of native plant species or cultivars not currently used commercially whose characters, however, can be used to enrich the genetic diversity of our crops.