[Foto edificio principal del CISA]

The Center for Animal Health Research, part of the National Institute for Agricultural and Food Research and Technology, Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness, is a multidisciplinary research center created in 1993 for expanding and intensifying the actions of the Ministry of Agriculture Fisheries and Food in the field of Animal Health.
CISA infrastructure can address, under high Biosafety facilities, research in animal health, as well as participating very actively in the technological development and international cooperation.
The CISA focuses his research on those aspects of emerging, exotic and important economic diseases of animals that could affect Spanish livestock.

In addition, CISA is one of the research centres that constitute the RLASB infrastructure (RLASB stands for "Red de Laboratorios de Alta Seguridad Biológica”/"High Biosecurity Laboratory Network" in English). In turn, RLASB holds the status of ICTS (which stands for "Instalación Científico-Técnica Singular"/"Unique Scientific and Technical Infrastructure" in English) thanks to the singular features of its biosafety facilities.

As an ICTS, RLASB is committed to offer a significant access to external researchers from both public and private bodies, national or international, including technical and administrative support provided by RLASB's own staff. The access procedure adopted is fully open and competitive, and as such any interested researcher can submit a research proposal intended to be carried out at RLASB faciliries. All the proposals received will be evaluated by a scientific committee.

The access protocol as well as the application forms are available online here


• Director: Mª Luisa Arias Neira
• Address: Valdeolmos, 28130 Madrid
• Phone: (+34)916202300
• email: seccisa@inia.es


[Animalario con cerdos en el CISA]The center's objectives are set out in the Order of the CISA creating (BOE 34 of 02/09/1993) and can be summarized in "research and development for the prevention and control of infectious animal diseases"




[Instalación de depuración de vertidos del CISA]

The Center is located in Valdeolmos, 40 km northeast of Madrid, and designed in three different work areas: biosecurity, environmental health and administration.

The CISA architectural and functional features reaches biosafety levels 3 and 3 +. The facility has 26 laboratories and 14 Level 3 common rooms, two level 3+, and a multi-purpose animal house with 21 rooms (also in both level 3 and 3 +) designed to accommodate various animal species.
Due to his characteristics, the CISA is recognized as a Singular Scientific Technical Facility (ICTS) in Spain. 

Main activities

1. Research in animal science at the highest level.
2. Activities such as national reference laboratory in Spain and Europe in various diseases of great public health importance.
3. Collaborative activities and services to various public, private, national and international entities, in the field of Research and Development in animal health.
4. Repository of biological materials useful for Spanish research in animal health.
5. Activities of national and international cooperation including organizing training courses, workshops stays and scientific-technical organization of interlaboratory testing, evaluation and validation of diagnostic and vaccine technologies, technology transfers.